Dr.Meenal P. Thosar


Education is the process of facilitating learning It the acquisition of knowledge, Skills, Values, beliefs and habits. Education is about teaching and learning skills and knowledge. Through Education, the knowledge of society, country and of world is passed on from generation to generation. I an proud to be a part of this system.

Education is going through a unique change in this era, keeping in tune to the ever growing needs of students Et health seekers.

We, Dr. Vedprakash Patit Ayurvecl College Et Research Institute run Et managed by Dharti Janseva Pratisthan are dedicated to provide quality education, healthcare facilities to the society.

Our focus is to inculcate Ayurvedic graduates with theoretical, practical It clinical Knowledge to serve humanity with the help of state-of-art infrastructure & skilled teaching staff. Our hospital is well equipped Et giving service to the patients in Ayurvedic medicine backed up with modern medical technologies. This cannot be done by just one person, it is a integration of quality work by students, staff, parents and the community together.

We are dedicated to give excellent theoretical It practical knowledge to our students in wide ranging subject involving philosophy and spirituality, as well as science and medicine.